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March 2016


Here we go…..

thinklist blog

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now but what stopped me was the thought of who would want to read it? After some thought I realized that this blog could just be for me and a place where I can display all of my hobbies, interests and various mini projects that I tend to have on the go. Sometimes these “mini projects” could be things like researching a product I need or would like to try…..I’m still looking for a great translucent powder to set my foundation for example.

As for why I named it think list blog…..well, my darling husband always tells me that he can hear me thinking all the time and teases me about my list making as I like to have a list for everything.

I love fashion, looking my best, beauty products and as I age I am always looking for better products and new facial treatments.

I also love decorating, or learning how to is more like it because I’m not one of those creative people but I wish I was, so I try my best and look for ideas everywhere.

Other things I enjoy doing is reading and learning more about blogging and tweaking the look of a blog site. So I plan to share the things I learn.

Maybe tick some things off my various lists and write about them here.

And I was thinking….(see what I mean!…) that I would like to start by doing some posts on the following :

  • Learn to use the SLR
    • maybe do a weekly photo post
  • Travel planning
    • post about our planned trip to Vanuatu this year and possibly Europe next year
  • Some beauty products reviews
    • have some products already that have impressed me
  • My experiences in running the blog
    • learning as I go
  • Mini Projects
    • researching and ideas

Here we go………..