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Researching a new foundation – Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals A Foundation

On my list of things that I’ve been thinking about is changing my foundation.

I have been using Bourjois Healthy Mix (colour 52)  foundation for about 2 years now and before that I was using MAC (I don’t remember which particular one I was using).

I’ve always had oily skin but as I’ve gotten older my now mature skin has changed into combination skin where I now have an oily/shiny T-zone which shows itself around about midday.

As much as I liked the coverage of the MAC foundation it was a bit too “oily” for me and the T-zone shine was obvious quite quickly. So once I finished the product I did some more research and gave the Bourjois Healthy Mix a try.

I like the texture of it as it sets kind of velvety and not matt but also not creamy, so it keeps the shine on my T-zone away for a bit longer but by midday I still look quite shiny.

I am not expecting a new foundation to solve all of my problems but I am looking for something a little more specific for a mature skin as well as not having that matt look and feel as I want it dewy without it being or feeling oily.
Am I looking for a miracle?……….maybe

On top of this, I joined a beauty spa recently and at my consultation they took some skin imaging and although my skin seemed really good and I hardly had any sun damage (yay!!) which seems to be the most common issue they say, they did mention that parts of my cheeks, my chin my forehead were dehydrated. And looking at the images I could see that too.

So my aim is not only to look at the beauty products that I’m using but also look at the makeup, especially foundation and see if I can find something more hydrating.

Funny how things happen though, because I was at my dermatologists office the other day, for a totally unrelated issue and as I was waiting at the reception desk I noticed some pamphlets about mineral makeup and the brand was Jane Iredale.

I don’t know about you but when something is endorsed by a dermatologist I take more notice then when it comes from a beautician or a department store.

I have seen the name before, in passing, but none of my friends use it and to be honest mineral make up has scared me a little because I thought of it as this mineral power that I will have trouble applying and I just know I would have issues and then I would get annoyed and probably stop using it.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that Jane Iredale has a mineral liquid foundation…..I can do that!

That night I started reading more about Jane Iredale products and their reviews online.

The foundation is called Liquid Minerals A Foundation and it looks very interesting as it has spheres of the mineral foundation “floating” in a clear liquid which is Aloe Vera gel and Glycerin.   The mineral liquid foundation also has ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Coenzyme Q10 which are very hydrating and that is what I’m after.

The product is also light reflecting and described as feeling like second skin.

It was also really important for me that the products are cruelty free.

They have a great selection of colours and another thing I really like is that, on the janeiredale website they offer a colour matching services with the help of the “Foundation Finder Quiz“.

After watching some youtube videos as well I now think I have enough information to invest in this product.

So, decision made, in the next few weeks I will go and have a colour match and try it out. Will keep you posted!


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this is not a sponsored post, Jane Iredale has no idea who I am or that I have written this 🙂