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3 of my favorite DIY

Family Tree

I thought it would be fun to share some areas of our home where I’ve been creative, over the years.


Family Tree:

family tree 3
A few years ago I started to trace our family tree, and was able to get some photos, mainly from my husband’s side of the family….my side is a bit complicated đŸ™‚
And decided to use the photos as the family tree.
I started with my husband and me in the middle and then visually split the wall in half, working up the wall with my husband family tree going up one side and mine on the other.


Mosaic Mirror:

mosaic mirror 1
I made this mosaic mirror several years ago, and considering it was my first attempt at doing a mosaic I am very pleased with it.

I actually made it specifically for this spot but when it was completed it was so heavy that my hubby had to use super heavy duty hooks to hold it in place.


Trip memories:

travel momentos
These two pictures are our memories of our Fiji trip. I bought these handmade cards at a small Fijian market. When we returned I wasn’t quite sure what to do but knew I wanted to somehow do something with them.

So I ended up framing them in a bit of a pattern.