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Holidays to recharge


Need an idea of where to go on holidays?

We just returned from a 10 day holiday to Noosa, (Australia) and although I have been to Noosa before, this time I really loved the beautiful weather and enjoyed walking every morning.

I’m an early riser but in cool weather I find it hard to get motivated in the morning but while we were away I would have my morning coffee and then I was off for a long walk through beautiful green streets and along the glorious beaches and finishing it off by 200 steps up a hill to our apartment… was just such a lovely way to start the day.

Even managed to see a koala in our street.

Being back home now I so miss the warm sunny weather.


noosa 4





Love these stairs, so motivating!



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3 of my favorite DIY

Family Tree

I thought it would be fun to share some areas of our home where I’ve been creative, over the years.


Family Tree:

family tree 3
A few years ago I started to trace our family tree, and was able to get some photos, mainly from my husband’s side of the family….my side is a bit complicated 🙂
And decided to use the photos as the family tree.
I started with my husband and me in the middle and then visually split the wall in half, working up the wall with my husband family tree going up one side and mine on the other.


Mosaic Mirror:

mosaic mirror 1
I made this mosaic mirror several years ago, and considering it was my first attempt at doing a mosaic I am very pleased with it.

I actually made it specifically for this spot but when it was completed it was so heavy that my hubby had to use super heavy duty hooks to hold it in place.


Trip memories:

travel momentos
These two pictures are our memories of our Fiji trip. I bought these handmade cards at a small Fijian market. When we returned I wasn’t quite sure what to do but knew I wanted to somehow do something with them.

So I ended up framing them in a bit of a pattern.








Here we go…..

thinklist blog

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now but what stopped me was the thought of who would want to read it? After some thought I realized that this blog could just be for me and a place where I can display all of my hobbies, interests and various mini projects that I tend to have on the go. Sometimes these “mini projects” could be things like researching a product I need or would like to try…..I’m still looking for a great translucent powder to set my foundation for example.

As for why I named it think list blog…..well, my darling husband always tells me that he can hear me thinking all the time and teases me about my list making as I like to have a list for everything.

I love fashion, looking my best, beauty products and as I age I am always looking for better products and new facial treatments.

I also love decorating, or learning how to is more like it because I’m not one of those creative people but I wish I was, so I try my best and look for ideas everywhere.

Other things I enjoy doing is reading and learning more about blogging and tweaking the look of a blog site. So I plan to share the things I learn.

Maybe tick some things off my various lists and write about them here.

And I was thinking….(see what I mean!…) that I would like to start by doing some posts on the following :

  • Learn to use the SLR
    • maybe do a weekly photo post
  • Travel planning
    • post about our planned trip to Vanuatu this year and possibly Europe next year
  • Some beauty products reviews
    • have some products already that have impressed me
  • My experiences in running the blog
    • learning as I go
  • Mini Projects
    • researching and ideas

Here we go………..